FAQ: Is Termite Control Necessary?

Are you seeing holes in your wooden furniture and hearing bugs inside the walls? If you’re noticing the tell-tale signs of a termite infestation in your home, your probably have a lot of questions.   Many times, we are asked if professional termite control is necessary or if the problem will just go away on it’s own. Won’t the termites move on once they’ve had enough? Sadly, no.

A termite infestation can be nothing short of disastrous for your house. They primarily feed on wood, but they can also damage insulations, paper, books, and even pool liners and filtration systems. Reports say that termite infestations cause about $ 5 billion in damages to homes just like yours every year.

While most termite infestations are well established before outward signs become visible to you as the homeowner, understanding the signs may help you positively identify an infestation, relay the signs to a pest control expert, and therefore get prompt treatment. 

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