Termite Control in Miramar, Florida

A termite infestation is more than just gross, it can be disastrous for your the foundation of your house. However, it can be tough to fight them early on because most termite colonies are well-established before outward signs become visible to you. However, if you know the signs, this knowledge may help you positively identify an infestation, relay the signs to a pest control expert, and therefore get prompt treatment before your home has lasting damage.

  1. Watch for winged termites swarming inside the building.
  2.  Look for dirt tubes underground in the foundation or exterior walls. These are brown and generally the diameter of a pencil or pen, though some may be larger.
  3. Take note of any damaged wood.
  4. Check for sunken or rippled wall coverings.
  5. Search for small holes on drywall or plaster walls. Holes caused by termite infestations will have dirt around the edges.
  6. Also investigate any wood furniture in your home.

If you are able to do so, find one of the bugs and place it in small jar with rubbing alcohol. Save this sample for when your exterminator arrives. This will save time finding a bug to positively identify, and instead they can get right to work spraying for them.

If you suspect your home has termites, it’s imperative that you begin to fight the infestation right away. Hire a pest control service to treat your home, and make sure the bugs are completely gone! For those in Miramar, the company to call is Jose’s Bug-a-Bug Pest Control Elimination. We offer the knowledge gained over 25 years of experience in treating infestations of all kinds, including termites. You can call us at (954) 436-8526, or complete our contact form on this page to request a free estimate. We’ll contact you as soon as possible, and many times your home can be serviced the same day you reach out to us!


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