Zika Virus Prevention Services in Pembroke, Fl.

As the number of Zika infections increases in Florida, so do the possibilities that the virus could start showing up in the local mosquito populations. Protect yourself and your family from getting stung by mosquitoes and getting the zika virus or any other disease transmitted by them. Jose’s Bug-a-Bug Pest and Termite Elimination provides mosquito elimination services around the Pembroke Pines area.

Why Jose’s Bug-a-Bug Pest and Termite Elimination

With over 25 years of experience providing mosquito pest control services in Pembroke, and always being on the lookout for new methods and technologies to eradicate them; we have acquired a vast amount of expert knowledge to identify any place and nook where they could breed in order to take the most appropriate actions to eliminate the pest.

Any body of water that doesn’t flow naturally like puddles, ponds or lakes are a possible place for them to breed, as well as any man-made containers like buckets, jars, gutters, pools, pet dishes  and birdbaths.  Put away items that are outside and not being used.

Mosquitos can breed and multiply in an item as little as one teaspoon or bottle cap of water, they   breed by laying eggs in and near standing water.  Some plants hold water in their leaves, flush out water- holding plants with your hose once a week.  At least once a week, empty, turn over and/or cover anything that holds water.

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