Fleas and Ticks Control & Removal in Pembroke Pines, Florida

Your Dog and/or Cat is part of your family and from time to time they will face one of their worse enemies; Fleas and/or Ticks. You will have to help him defeat this enemy. You can protect your dog by using collars, shampoos and other types of preventive methods.   In order to learn more about the types of protections available for your pet, we recommend you consult with a veterinarian in Pembroke Pines Area.

If you don’t have a dog/cat, a flea or a tick can still find a one way ticket to gain access to your  home.  These Fleas and Ticks carry diseases like lyme disease, typhoid fever that can also make humans sick.

At Bug-a-Bug Pest ELIMINATION, INC.,  our technicians are experts at inspecting, detecting and providing  you with the most efficient treatment to get rid of these blood sucking parasites.  s. We can easily review and inspect your situation and provide the best solution to control and remove any fleas and ticks.

Flea Control

Fleas are parasites that feed off the blood of any warm-blooded body. They can be found on shoes, pant legs, blankets, dogs and humans.

A flea will lay hundreds of eggs during its lifetime. Once a flea is an adult, it will feed from your pet, mate and will start laying eggs again.

When applying flea treatments make sure you take the following measures before:

  1. Treat your pet for fleas.
  2. Vacuum all areas your pet usually is.

Tick Control

Free Inspection and Estimate Request.

Free Inspection and Estimate Request.

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Ticks have several life stages where they first need to feed from the vertebrate such as cats, dogs, and even birds, and afterwards they drop from their host and seek shelter. Ticks in either stage can transmit any diseases they carry, so quick removal of ticks and prevention of tick bites are both important.

They travel on animals and even on people. They can be found in wooded and highly vegetated areas, they also seek safety in hidden places within homes like any crack and crevices around the your house, behind baseboards, around windows or in furniture. Practically anywhere where your dog/cat has been around.

Wearing long sleeves and pants, can help avoid tick bites.  Repair any crevices or gaps and keep your lawn cut short.

When applying treatments make sure you take the following measures before:

  • Treat your pet for ticks.
  • Vacuum all areas your pet usually is.

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